Patient Testimonials

Ramond Straw

I have been a patient of Dr. Nord’s for about 5 years. My arthritic knees (68 years old) gradually got worse so I elected to have the first total knee replacement on June 1, 2009. That has gone well with excellent follow up physical therapy. I decided to have the other one replaced on October 5, 2009. After 2 weeks that one is going even better than the first one. I am now known as old zipper knees. ~Raymond Straw

Janet P.

I broke my knee cap in 1993 and after the injury, my knee was very painful. I did physical therapy and also had a knee scope by Dr. Nord in 2006. The knee scope helped at the time, but as years went on I felt like I had bone on bone in my knee. After much thought, I decided to have Dr. Nord do a total knee replacement in 2009. After my surgery, I did physical therapy and home therapy. 6 months after my surgery, I can finally walk like I use to. I would recommend this surgery to any eldery person who is having knee problems. ~Janet P.

Frances Miller

My husband had surgery 4 years ago on his shoulder by Dr. Keller, and it was very successful. Dr. Keller did a total hip replacement in June of 2009 on me as well. Before the surgery, I was in a lot of pain. I am completely pain free now.
I fully recommend Dr. Keller. ~Frances Miller

veldaBefore I had the total hip replacement, I could not walk. My neighbors told me I would end up in a wheelchair if I did not see a doctor. I have been a patient of Dr. Nord’s for 10 years, and he was my obvious choice. I was extremely nervous before the surgery because I could not get out of bed and was losing muscle tone in my legs and arms. When I scheduled surgery, my neighbors were telling me that I should not have it done. But I trusted Dr. Nord and after surgery I did not have any pain. After 3 weeks, I could finally do yard work, laundry, and take long walks again. I actually walk over 1 mile everyday now. I would highly recommend Dr. Nord to someone who needs a total hip replacement.

Velda Williams

Dr. Nord did Carpel Tunnel Surgery on both of my wrists in 2008. Before my surgery, I had pain in my hands at night and it would keep me awake. I couldn’t grip or hold onto anything without it slipping out of my hands. After my surgery, I felt 100% better. I would completely recommend Dr. Nord to others. I have not had any problems with my wrists since the surgery.

Tess Goris

I had a total knee replacement in October of 2005. I couldn’t be happier with my surgery. I walk 2 miles in 30 minutes, 3 days a week now. I would recommend Dr. Nord to other patients that are interested in having a total knee replacement.

Anna Allison

I have suffered with knee pain for several years. I was kicked on the outside of my rt. knee while loading cattle in 1993.

At first it could be addressed with linement and xtra strngth meds. After moving to Illinois and lack of exercise it became very painful.

I fell and landed on my rt knee. After much nagging I saw an Ortho here in town and was injected with negative results. Being a Community Care patient, I did not have a lot of options open to me.

I was finally able to get into Dr. Keller-THIS WAS MY AHHHH MOMENT. After a through exam by Dr. Keller, we discused my options. It all came down to, I needed a Total Knee replacement. I had a lot to think about and no insurance.

In B/N this is a problem. It took me approximatly 18 months to wade through all the beauracracy with getting Medicial Assistance. Dr. Keller through all this remained a very caring person and eventually my ally and advocate in getting medical assistance. He was willing to answer my questions and wade through all the paperwork required by the state.

April of 2009 I recieved my new knee. OSF was amazed at my recovery-Surgery went well and my 2nd day of ortho rehab, I walked to my class. In June, I gave up my quad cane and walker and have never looked back.I spent 8 wks in PT.

I strongly recommend Dr. Keller to anyone in Knee pain. My surgery was a good experience.

P.S. Dr. Keller, Thanks for giving us Mom back!!! K. Bays

Sandi C

12_sherylBefore I had a total knee replacement, I felt sick with the pain. Walking for me was limited to a very short distance. I have been going to Dr. Nord for almost 20 years. He has done 2 knee scopes, and taken a bakers cyst off my right knee. When Dr. Nord did my total knee replacement he not only fixed it but straightened it out. I felt great from day one. It has been two years since the surgery and I feel better than I have in 20 years.

Sheryl Kacir

I have been a patient of Dr. Nord’s since 2005. I was having serious problems with both of my knees. After talking with Dr. Nord, he suggested a total knee replacement for both knees. It didn’t take much thought for me to decide to do the surgery. I had both knees replaced within a year (my right knee was replaced first because it was in the most pain). I didn’t realize how much pain my left knee was in because my right knee hurt so bad. I do not have ANY pain now. Mostly importanyly, I can keep up with my grandkids. I would recommend Dr. Nord to other patients.

Gordon Bane

14_tim turbettI had a complete rotator cuff tear in my right shoulder. Dr. Nord did surgery in July 2009. I cannot say enough about the staff at both offices. I have received excellent care. The key is to do your home exercises and keep up with physical therapy after surgery. Without a doubt, I would recommend Dr. Nord to patients with rotator cuff tears.

Tim Turbett

Dr. Nord did a total knee replacement in June of 2009. Before the surgery, I couldn’t walk more than 10 minutes. My knee was swollen all the time. It was not a difficult choice to have the surgery. I am so happy with my outcome. I still do the exercises the physical therapist taught me in physical therapy. I have also lost 2 dress sizes since my surgery because I can now walk 2 to 3 times a week for about an hour. I would recommend a total knee replacement to those who are in severe pain.

Dorothy Thornton

16_barbDr. Nord did a total knee replacement on my left knee in 2005, and then did my right knee in 2009. Before both surgeries, I had a lot pain. After my left knee was replaced then my right knee started bothering me. Now with both of my knees replaced, I feel a lot better. I would highly recommend this surgery and Dr. Nord to other patients.

Barb Gullett

17_dorisAfter Dr Nord did 3 injections and drained fluid from my right knee, we talked about a total knee replacement. I was ready to get over the pain. After the surgery, I had 4 weeks of homecare and physical therapy. I didn’t realize how much pain I had in my left knee until after my surgery. Everything went so well with my right knee, I decided to get my left knee replaced. I couldn’t have asked for a better doctor. Dr. Nord helped me get my life back.

Doris Boyd

In the last 3 yrs. Dr. Nord has done 3 releases on left elbow, and both wrist, as well as a bone spure on my right shoulder. This spring I had a meniscus tear on left knee. Been happy with all the surgerys. Dr. Nord gets to the problem and gets everything done in a proper manner.

Tim Serpette

I read your article in Healthy Cells. I just wanted to say it was an awesome read. Your office deserved the reconigtion, your office is so pleasant, can not wait to see it. Although I do hope its awhile, lol.
Tell Dr. Keller “hello”.

Lori Bittle Biehl

Dr. Keller has surgically replaced both my knees. the knees are super good as is Dr. Keller! He’s professional, skilled, and very concerned about his patients. He has vastly improved the quality of my life.

Christine DeBolt

After I fractured my hip the CIOS team took me from totally bedridden to normal activities a couple of months faster than expected. My surgery with Dr. Keller turned out as well as anyone could hope, and his awesome physical therapy team guided me through every step of recovery. I can’t say enough about the individualized attention I received during rehabilitation. I’ve done physical therapy other places and always got the cookie-cutter treatment that left me wondering whether my therapists even knew me from other patients. At the Neuro-Ortho Rehab Center, every session was tailored to my recent progress and how I was feeling that day. My therapists made sure I understood how every activity contributed to MY recovery and they taught me things about my body that I will use long after my accident is forgotten. They were darned nice people, too, and I felt so well supported that — if you can believe this about physical therapy — I almost hated to be done. I look back on my rehab as a little miracle and am grateful every day for the fine care I received.

Tom Critchfield