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  • New Champaign Location

    We are excited to announce that we have opened a Champaign office in order to better serve you. 1806 N Market Street | Champaign, IL 61822 309-662-CAST (2278)

  • Providing Solutions for Shoulder Pain

    As Seen in Healthy Cells Magazine. Article by Becky Wiese Central Illinois Orthopedic Surgery (CIOS) has long been a boon to Central Illinois patients. For more than 30 years, those who have experienced pain in various body joints — knees, hips, and shoulders, to name a few — have been able to get relief to the […]

  • Healthy Cells Magazine Feature

    Updated, Upgraded, and Ready to Serve You We are proud to have been featured in Healthy Cells Magazine. You can view and read the cover article at this link. (HERE)

  • Arthroscopic Surgery

    You may have heard a friend or family member mention that they had an arthroscopy on their knee or shoulder.  Then you’re left wondering, “What exactly is an arthroscopy or arthroscopic surgery?”  “How does an arthroscopy compare to an open surgery?” “What can I expect with an arthroscopic procedure?”  These are common questions about a […]

  • Importance of Attitude in Recovery from Surgery or Injury

    There are many factors that contribute to how well someone will recover from a serious injury or surgery.  While patients may not have control over the severity of their condition, skill of the surgeon or knowledge of the therapy staff, there are things that they can control or at least influence.  One of the major […]

  • Hip Fractures:

    Winter is rapidly approaching and unfortunately, orthopedic surgeons will be seeing an increase in patients with a hip fracture, commonly called a broken hip.  Why?  Snow and ice causes an increase in falls– especially among older adults.   One of the more frequent consequences of falling is suffering a broken hip. In fact, according to the […]

  • New High-Performance DIGITAL X-Ray

    CIOS is Excited to Announce!…. A brand new high-performance DIGITAL X-Ray was installed this week. This is a huge upgrade for our patients and CIOS. This machine will significantly decrease delays during clinic and provide better image quality. We are constantly trying to make upgrades and improvements to make our patients experience the best in […]

  • Kinesio Tape Not Just For “Athletes”

    Kinesio Tape Not Just For “Athletes” You may have seen Kinesio Tape on your favorite athlete or during the latest Olympic Games, but athletes are not the only individuals that can benefit from this taping.  The use of Kinesio Tape in physical therapy clinics around the nation is becoming more popular.  CIOS/NORC has two Certified […]

  • Game Ready is a Game Changer for Post-Op Surgery

    Whether you are elite athletes with injuries or an everyday person in post-op rehab, you want to get back into action now. That means going beyond damage control. Relieving pain and swelling is a start, but you can do more. With Game Ready, you have the proactive healing power to help you get the most from […]