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Game Ready ComparisonWhether you are elite athletes with injuries or an everyday person in post-op rehab, you want to get back into action now. That means going beyond damage control. Relieving pain and swelling is a start, but you can do more. With Game Ready, you have the proactive healing power to help you get the most from your  recovery and come back as quickly as possible.

A Prospective, Single-Blind Randomized Controlled Trial

The trial includes a comparison of the effects of standard cryotherapy (ice) with static compression to a cryotherapy device (Game Ready® Injury Treatment System) on the postoperative rehabilitation of total knee arthroplasty patients. This clinical trial is multi-site, prospective, randomized, and controlled. It presents a unique and robust study with substantive interim data representing treatment results from approximately 38% of an intent-to-treat subject pool of patients with osteoarthritis who were scheduled for unilateral, single-incision total knee arthroplasty (TKA). Patients were randomized to a cold and intermittent pneumatic compression test device (Game Ready® Injury Treatment System) or to ice and static compression (ice and compression bandage) and were stratified according to BMI and whether they had had a TKA on the contralateral knee.

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Key findings in this clinical trial are:

  • Subjects using a cryotherapy device reported improved pain relief over time at both the two- and six-week follow-ups compared to control subjects.
  • The cryotherapy group exhibited more than 
    double the physical function abilities of the
    control group in both the Timed Up and Go and Six-Minute Walk Test assessments.
  • More subjects using the cryotherapy device were able to perform complex weight-bearing physical activities by six weeks than were control subjects

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