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BJ Zelenik

LeRoy High School football is in safe hand with CIOS! Dr. Brett Keller, his athletic training staff, and office personnel are very professional to work with. We never have an issue getting athlete evaluated and treated. IT feels good to know our athletes and their families will be treated with respect and receive such quality care.

BJ Zelenik, Head Football Coach & Athletic Director
LeRoy High School


As an athlete, I found out something that no athlete ever wants to hear; I had torn my ACL. When I learned the diagnosis, I had so many questions and thought going through my mind. Dr. Keller and his team at CIOS and NORC were always there to answer my questions and help me through this process. They never hesitated to ask me if I had any questions or concerns and walked me through them. They helped make the process as easy as it could be.

McKenzie, Eureka College Athlete

Wendy Smith

As the Director of Athletics and Activities at University High School, I have had the opportunity to work directly with Dr. Brett Keller and his staff at CIOS for the past several years. Dr. Keller has been an excellent medical partner for our student-athletes and their parents and a phenomenal resource for our Athletics Trainers. As a result of our ongoing relationship with Dr. Keller and the staff at CIOS, our student-athletes are able to be seen, diagnosed, treated and go through their rehab in such a way that they are able to return to play in a timely, healthy, and safe manner.

Wendy Smith, Director of Athletics & Activities
University High School

Ryan Knox

As a former professional athlete, I was fortunate enough to experience world class athletic training. As a current college athletic director, I am thankful to be able to offer that same level of care to our school’s athletes. CIOS is efficient, current and understands the demands put on athletes and the administration that supports them. I could not be happier with out partnership. I am confident our athletes are treated and monitored at an expert level. CIOS & NORC help us WIN.

Ryan Knox, Athletic Director
Heartland Community College

Christine DeBolt

Dr. Keller has surgically replaced both my knees. the knees are super good as is Dr. Keller! He’s professional, skilled, and very concerned about his patients. He has vastly improved the quality of my life.

Christine DeBolt

Lori Bittle Biehl

I read your article in Healthy Cells. I just wanted to say it was an awesome read. Your office deserved the recognition, your office is so pleasant, can not wait to see it. Although I do hope its awhile, lol.  Tell Dr. Keller “hello”.

Lori Bittle Biehl

Sandi C.

I have suffered with knee pain for several years. I was kicked on the outside of my rt. knee while loading cattle in 1993.  At first it could be addressed with linement and extra strength meds. After moving to Illinois and lack of exercise it became very painful.  I fell and landed on my rt knee. After much nagging I saw an Ortho here in town and was injected with negative results. Being a Community Care patient, I did not have a lot of options open to me.  I was finally able to get into Dr. Keller-THIS WAS MY AHHHH MOMENT. After a through exam by Dr. Keller, we discussed my options. It all came down to, I needed a Total Knee replacement. I had a lot to think about and no insurance.  In B/N this is a problem. It took me approximately 18 months to wade through all the bureaucracy with getting Medical Assistance. Dr. Keller through all this remained a very caring person and eventually my ally and advocate in getting medical assistance. He was willing to answer my questions and wade through all the paperwork required by the state.  April of 2009 I received my new knee. OSF was amazed at my recovery.  Surgery went well and my 2nd day of ortho rehab, I walked to my class. In June, I gave up my quad cane and walker and have never looked back.  I spent 8 weeks in PT.  I strongly recommend Dr. Keller to anyone in knee pain. My surgery was a good experience.  P.S. Dr. Keller, Thanks for giving us Mom back!!! K. Bays

Sandi C.

Tom Critchfield

After I fractured my hip the CIOS team took me from totally bedridden to normal activities a couple of months faster than expected. My surgery with Dr. Keller turned out as well as anyone could hope, and his awesome physical therapy team guided me through every step of recovery. I can’t say enough about the individualized attention I received during rehabilitation. I’ve done physical therapy other places and always got the cookie-cutter treatment that left me wondering whether my therapists even knew me from other patients. At the Neuro-Ortho Rehab Center, every session was tailored to my recent progress and how I was feeling that day. My therapists made sure I understood how every activity contributed to MY recovery and they taught me things about my body that I will use long after my accident is forgotten. They were darned nice people, too, and I felt so well supported that — if you can believe this about physical therapy — I almost hated to be done. I look back on my rehab as a little miracle and am grateful every day for the fine care I received.

Tom Critchfield