After I fractured my hip the CIOS team took me from totally bedridden to normal activities a couple of months faster than expected. My surgery with Dr. Keller turned out as well as anyone could hope, and his awesome physical therapy team guided me through every step of recovery. I can’t say enough about the individualized attention I received during rehabilitation. I’ve done physical therapy other places and always got the cookie-cutter treatment that left me wondering whether my therapists even knew me from other patients. At the Neuro-Ortho Rehab Center, every session was tailored to my recent progress and how I was feeling that day. My therapists made sure I understood how every activity contributed to MY recovery and they taught me things about my body that I will use long after my accident is forgotten. They were darned nice people, too, and I felt so well supported that — if you can believe this about physical therapy — I almost hated to be done. I look back on my rehab as a little miracle and am grateful every day for the fine care I received.